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5 Fun Things in Nutanix AOS 5.6

Nutanix released AOS 5.6 on 4/16.  In addition to a bunch of cool features we will highlight below, this also marks a change to a new release schedule.  The new release schedule sounds a bit like what you might find from Ubuntu Linux.  There will be long term support releases, […]

Dell Releases New SC5020

I previously blogged about the release of the SC7020, which is part of the “odd number refresh” that has now added the SC5020.  By this, I mean that it appears the even numbered SC platforms (SCv2000, SC4020, SC8000) will be refreshed via odd numbered platforms, of which we now have […]

Nutanix AOS 5.1 Available!

Just a quick note about Nutanix AOS 5.1 that was just released on 5/1/17.  There are a few things in this update that I’ve been waiting for, so I thought I’d outline a couple of the more interesting changes here.   User Defined Alerts.  This is really cool.  As a […]

Nutanix CE Memory Requirements

Nutanix CE has a bunch of powerful features, and new ones are coming out all the time.  Some of them, however, require the CVM to have additional RAM in order to work properly. For example, in version 5.0 of both the commercial and CE product, Nutanix added a cool new […]

Nutanix CE 5.0 Released

Nutanix 5.0 Asterisk was released in the commercial version about 2 weeks ago.  Then, about a week ago, it became available in the CE version.  I have already upgraded my home lab to run CE 5.0, and wanted to take a few minutes to talk about some of the key […]