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Rick Gouin

New PowerStore in the Lab!

As I mentioned here, we were beta testers for the Dell PowerStore all-flash storage array.  We tested everything from initial imaging of the array as either a Model T or Model X all the way to importing external storage arrays.  We really enjoyed having the opportunity to get our hands […]

Dell PowerStore Part 2!

In the last segment, we went over PowerStore hardware. This time, we are going to dig into some more of the features, functionality, and capabilities of this newest midrange all flash storage array from Dell. The Basics: RAIDPowerStore supports RAID 5, and you can choose from one of two different […]

Dell PowerStore Released!

Dell officially announces, releases, and launches their new midrange storage product today. You may have heard rumors about this platform under its code name Today, the product is released as PowerStore, so lets take a minute and talk details! I was happy to participate in the beta program several […]

Storage Center 7.3 (Compellent)

Storage Center (Compellent) Operating System version 7.3 became generally available last month.  Its been rolling through the various stages of release all summer, and I now have some customers on it.  There are so many improvements in this release that I had to take a moment to talk about it.  […]

Nutanix AOS 5.9 in a Nutshell

AOS 5.9 is now available.  This comes about 3 months after AOS 5.8 was released back in July.  Its worth noting that this is the release that adds support for VMware 6.7.  If you are currently running AOS 5.5 or better, you can upgrade straight to AOS 5.9.  If you […]