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Generic Compellent Replay and Mounting Script

I feel like I’ve had to write and re-write this script repeatedly as I’ve needed it for various customers and tasks.  Today I figured I would post it in case anyone else will find it useful.

This script is similar to the Push2Tape script that comes as a sample with the Compellent Powershell Command Set.  The difference is that the Push2Tape script doesn’t take a new replay.  It grabs the most recently taken replay.  The idea is that you control when the replay gets taken using the replay scheduling facility on the Compellent.  This is preferable in most cases, because you’ll see when all the replays are expected to be taken right inside the GUI.  The down side is that you can’t use it in an ad-hoc manner, because you aren’t in control of when the replays get taken.  Its really designed to be run as a scheduled task after you’ve taken a scheduled replay.

What this script is doing: First, take a replay. Set the replay to expire in 1 day. Map that replay up to a server. Rescan on the server, then mount the replay. At that point, you have the replay all ready to be used on the target server. Do what you need to do, such as kick off a SQL job or a backup task. Once complete, the script will run some cleanup commands at the bottom.

At the top of the script are some variables you’ll have to fill out. These include the IP of the Compellent system you are working on, as well as credentials for that system. You must have the Compellent powershell snapin installed, which you can download from your Compellent knowledge center.

Download the script from my github repo here.

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