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URLAZY Tire Inflator Information

Posted in Tech Soup2 months ago • Written by Rick GouinNo Comments

This is a bit of a departure from my usual datacenter focused content, but I like to post about gadgets once in a while.  I grabbed this tire inflator from Kickstarter:

The campaign is over and the reviews are SCATHING!  Many people didn’t receive their units, the instructions are unreadable, terrible quality control, that sort of stuff.  I’m not going to bother writing up a review on a Kickstarter device, nobody cares.  I will note that these folks do sell products on Aliexpress… and I wouldn’t buy anything from them again.

After messing with it for a while, I’ve deciphered some of the functions that were not clear even with the manual, so the purpose of this post is to provide that information here for others who might be struggling to use the device.


The device supports multiple modes:

  • Car Tire
  • Motorcycle Tire
  • Bicycle Tire
  • Sports

You cycle through the modes by using the M key.  Each one has different parameters.  So, if you need to inflate something to 90psi, you can’t just leave it in car mode.  Car mode doesn’t go up that high.  If you switch it to bicycle mode, however, you can inflate to 90psi.  Likewise if you are trying to fill your car to 32psi, you can’t have it in sports (ball) mode.  That only goes up to 16psi.

Each mode will also maintain a different pressure memory.  So if you set your car tires to 32psi in car mode, it will remember that setting as a preset in car mode.  If you switch to motorcycle, it will remember a different pressure value.

Overall, limiting the pressure range for the presets was probably unnecessary, and resulted in a lot of confusion for users.


When I first tried to use the device, I almost just threw it out immediately.  It was using bar as a unit of measurement, and I was not about to convert every time I needed to use it.  Turns out the device actually supports multiple units:

  • PSI
  • KPA
  • BAR
  • KG/CM2

To cycle between these units, just push the + and – buttons at the same time.  This will make all of the options for units show up.  Then, use the +  or – button to cycle between them.  Once you’ve selected the one you want, click the M button to lock it in.  Totally intuitive, right?


This inflator has a light built into the top of the unit.  To turn it on or off, hold the M button.


Even its core functionality is confusing.  Here is how to use the inflator portion:

  1. Hold the power button to turn it on
  2. Select the mode using the M button
  3. Tweak the pressure as needed using the + and – button
  4. Click the power button again to start inflating
  5. The unit will automatically stop inflating when it reaches the preset pressure
  6. Hold the power button the completely power it off.  It will also auto-shutoff after a bit.


There are 2 unmarked USB ports on the device.  The USB-C port (the smaller of the 2 USB ports) is for charging it.  The other USB port provides the ability to charge other devices off of its internal 5000mah battery.  To turn the charging on, the unit has to be on by long pressing the power button.  If you short press the power button, it will charge for less than 1 second and then shut off.

E12 / E13 Error

A lot of users are complaining about this error.  For me, the cause was a loose inflator hose.  Shut the device off, remove the hose, securely replace the hose, and then try again.  It worked for me, but your mileage may vary.


This device gets very hot in normal use.  If you inflate 2 tires, you are going to be out of battery and the device will be extremely hot.  You didn’t get a defect, it sounds like all of them run this way.  Overall, this device is probably better suited to sports, motorcycles, and bicycles than anything automotive.

Better Options?

Be careful!  There are a few others out there that I believe are using the same parts in slightly different packaging, such as this one:’t buy this!!

If you look at the screen and buttons on the item above, you can tell its more or less the same device as this one, or at least the same electronics.  Don’t buy it!

If I were looking for a cordless inflator again, I’d probably try one of these from Amazon, though I haven’t tested them the reviews are good and they can’t be any worse than this thing:

  • Greenworks 24V Portable Air Compressor – This one is a bit larger, but is from a fairly dependable brand and you can use the battery for many different devices.
  • Makita Inflator – This one is also a bit larger, but would be an excellent option if you already use the Makita tool ecosystem.
  • Dewalt Inflator – This one is larger, and more expensive than other options, but would again be nice if you are already in the Dewalt tool ecosystem.

Good Luck!  If you found this post because you were frustrated trying to figure out how to use your inflator, let me know in the comments below.

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